Friday, April 8, 2011

About us and this library

Assalamualaikum warrahmatullahiwabarakatuh(may peace be upon you)

There is always the beginning of anything.Bismillahirrahmanirrahim(In the name of Allah)

Hi,I am Ili the leader of this library.The library of Madrasah Misbah Al Falah@Pondok Tuan Guru Omar Zuhdi@pondok Banggol Berangan@Pondok Lanai. 

This library already operated for a very long time ago but its operation has stopped 4years ago.
 Now,in the year of 2011 this library is starting afresh.We are determining to give it a real care.InsyaALLAH (WITH GOD'S WILL)

Come,introducing the members of library's team!

soleha from class of form 2 originated from Sungai Petani.Me and her are working together to translate english books to malay language,umi khairiah from class form3 is arabic language fan and she is trying to translate arabic story books to malay.,syaza from class edadi(beginning class) comes from Klang,Selangor..She won 1stprize for poet competition commemorates prophet's birthday last February.Everybody loves her as she is on stage.Because she is funny.ika mohd noor from form 3 originated from Kulim,Kedah is a part time novelist dan an arabic language lover.She is trying to translate arabic books to malay.She used to study in a religous school name Yayasan Khairiah,pieja  from edadi class comes from Aman jaya,sungai petani,kedah.She was the best student at her former school name Sekolah Menengah Aman Jaya. najihah she is my supporter from beginning(not in the picture)najiha is my secretary.I like her because she is a quick thinker as she solves the problem.She's still in this team even though her heart hurts.Umi kalsom(not in the picture) me,najiha,fiza and her study in the same class.She always ready to serve as I ask her to do something.She is a diligent person and she will not like it if she does not have anything to do.Thanks.^^

syifa is the daughter of ustazah Aisyah Salleh.She got first place in class form 1 last year.Her mother is one of my real supporter

Ustazah Maimunah..The teacher in charge of this library.She always busy because she is a teacher of some schools,she is also the daughter of a mother who really needs a real care and our teacher is also a part time student.Good luck,teacher and May god bless you.As she is busy,we becoming her eyes and ears at school for library's matter.She is always ready to take us down town to buy library's stuff.I always remember what she said to me "just do it.never hope for anyone to thank you".Yes,that's right.

My vice president of this library name Zahidah@kakcik originated from kuala muda and her age is 20 years old.She is from class form 3.I love her because she is good with managing agendas and library's management.She used to study in Maktab Mahmud,Kuala Muda 

This is me.I am Ili and I like libraries,I love libraries.Just let this library lives!Long Live Maktabah Misbah Al Falah!

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