Friday, April 29, 2011

Surprising books in this library(Book spying part one)

Yeah when you have a place which is called library,you can picture yourself there are tons of books in that very place.

I want to tell you how was this library we taken care of becoming alive.It used to be dead.ALLAH IS GREAT!

Allah Resurrects the Dead.

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Now Allah has show me and my friends how he resurrects the dead library.Allah has guide us real well.Now the library is ALIVE!!!!! ALLAH IS GREAT!!!

The first time I stepped into the dead library,I was amazed with the books they have in that dead library.I went up there alone.What a great lost to see many good and cool books there.Some were lying on the floor and the book shelves were stuffed with bird's nest and not well organized.It was totally sad enough when you found the books that you used to admire at the bookshops and you cannot buy it because you cannot afford it are there.Surprisingly,this dead library owns many expensive and high class books.

They have ENCYCLOPEDIA like this thick

They have so many religious books for higher studies

They have good tafseers for further understanding in Al Quran

They have English books that include novels,short story books, English language learning books,Arabic language learning books and dictionaries.

Then,I went to meet a teacher.I heard about her going to re-established the dead library few days before.Anyway,I was given a chance by the principal to spy on this school,we will try to collect fund for school's make over.So,I targeted the library.I went to the teacher.Her name is Ustazah Maimunah.I heard her plans for the library.It was a brilliant one.She was also planning to pick some students to be her librarians.I am not in her plan.How sad.It's ok.I can also hand her some help.I just love making a terrible place turning into a real nice place.So I met her while she came for our class.I prepared some questions to ask.

I asked her if the library has any progress going on there,what are her real plans and I will write if they need money for the library and I will hand it to Mr Principal.I even asked her who are the girls she has pick to become the librarians.

She was surprise and she suddenly wanted me to cooperate with her.I said I know nothing about library.My classmates surrounded us(me and the teacher),then I suddenly popped a question to my classmates. "Who is it used to work in school's library in your previous school?" Then a girl put up her hand..She was...Fiza Ismail..

To be continued....

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